Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Building my Wardrobe: Wardrobe Revamp

One thing that I have been envious of is a simple classic wardrobe. Over the past year, I have been trying to invest in classic pieces that will transcend trends and wear well with age. I have noticed that the items I continually grab from my closet are not the cute trendy tops but the simple t-shirts and sweaters. Even with this realization, building a classic wardrobe is hard for me as I love the look of trendy items. Peplum, Neon & Chevron= Love. However, I have never worn items with these trends.

This year I am trying to plan ahead with what I want to buy this spring. I am hoping to purchase simple bold pieces that I will still love years for now.

Mix & Match Wardrobe

Mix & Match Wardrobe by sweetcarolinabelle 

I hope to build a wardrobe with many neutral pieces that can be mixed and matched easily. Also, a pop of color could be added with a scarf or a bold piece of jewelry. My go to stores when looking for staple items are Ann Taylor Loft. CWonder & JCrew. Being 5'2 I tend to shop at places that have petites or offer tailoring. I have never purchased a pair of white denim or a jean jacket. Both items are high on my wish list for the spring. Also, I would love a pair of comfy loafers for work and travel. 

What items do you recommend in a classic wardrobe?
What are your go to stores?



  1. I have a lot of black blouses or white ones. You can do so many different things with them!

  2. Im totally with you on this! Im trying to do the same thing and its kinda hard. I just went and bought some new stuff this weekend, I love it!!

  3. J. Crew and Gap are two of my favorite for wardrobe staples. Try the Gap white jeans- they’re wonderful!

  4. I continue to build my wardrobe with every sale that happens at Loft.... Never ending closet construction ;)

  5. I have a ton of sweaters from J. Crew that I love to wear. They look great with dress pants or jeans and they come in fun colors and prints

  6. I am a huge fan of a classic wardrobe. I think you hit all the important things...chambray, striped shirt, blazer....I wear my chambray with everything, I feel like!

    I am also a big Gap Outlet girl. Love that place.


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