Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Running

I am focusing on adding more miles to my cardio in preparation for hopefully running a few long races this spring. This week my goal is to reach 26 miles. I will gradually work up to 30-35 miles a week. The rule I follow is not to increase your mileage more than 10% per week. I also make sure my weekend long run  accounts for around 30% of my mileage for the week. 

The biggest struggle for me right now is getting in a workout routine in the mornings. The thought of getting out of my warm bed and driving 20 minutes to the gym does not have me jumping for joy. Once I get there I am good to go. I am also going to try and add this core routine to my morning workouts.

Monday: HIIT and Upper Body Strength
Tuesday: 5 mile run & Abs
Wednesday:  4 mile run & Legs
Thursday: 5 mile run 
Friday: Rest day 
Saturday: 9 mile run
Sunday:  Rest Day



  1. I try to do 6 miles 4 times a week, maybe a few more miles on the weekend if I have time and am feeling up to it. Fortunately, I can just run around our neighborhood but it certainly gets tougher when its so cold outside!!

  2. Oh girl, I am so with you on the morning workouts, I just can't do it, but good for you for pushing on and getting them in. It sounds like you're going to be in great preparation for that run. Keep at it babe!!!


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