Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fitness: November 11- 17

I have finally gotten back into a {somewhat} normal workout routine since our move. I did not realize how much moving would affect our daily routines.  Exhaustion set in easily  after tackling mountains of boxes and climbing three flights of stairs during our move. I gave myself a bit of slack and decided that unpacking and climbing these stairs counted as a workout!   After settling a bit, I was itching to get back to the gym. 
I am also truly enjoying running again. I think the change of scenery has also been a huge motivator. Interval runs are my favorite ways to get in a quick workout when I am pressed for time. Below is one of my go to intervals.

One thing I notice with running is that I always slack with stretching afterwards. This has always been a weakness for me. Stretching is important after any workout to help with the tightening of muscles that occur due tearing when you work out.  I struggled with ITBS last year and stretching will help keep me from developing it again. I am trying to slowly improve by stretching each night while for 10-15 minutes. My go to routine is this Yoga poses for runners. I would also love to practice yoga but have not found a studio nearby yet. 
Monday: Arms 
Tuesday: 4 mile run
Wednesday:  Back & Bicep & 4 mile run
Thursday: Legs 
Friday: Shoulders & Abs & 3 mile interval run 
Saturday: Rest day 
Sunday: 7 mile run 

Today my post is a link up with Skinny Meg as a part of Workout Wednesday! Hope y'all have a great Wednesday!



  1. I'm such a fair weather exerciser. I get into for a good few months then one day I'm thrown off and never go back to it. Good for you for finding something you love! I'm sure once bathing suit season comes back I'll be interested again!

  2. I'm impressed with all of the running that you have worked in there! The interval training looks fun... I might have to try that tonight at the gym.

  3. i'm so thankful for these runner yoga strech poses! i am SUCH A SLACKER with streching as well and i've been trying to incorporate after my workouts too... but usually its just the normal bend and touch toes, butterfly stretch and calf streches.. so this is so perfect!

  4. I recently added intervals to my runs and love how much faster it can make the work-out go! I try to use a foam roller after each run for my IT band... it definitely makes a difference when I take time to do it!

  5. I too am getting back into the routine of working out. I personally hate running but am thinking about trying out that interval run so thanks!!

  6. I just wanna say thanks for the writer and wish you all the best for coming!


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