Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday Five

So excited to finally be back in the swing of things this week and catch up some more today! I'm popping in to share five things I'm loving this week. I desperately need help with maternity photo ideas and would love feedback on good outfits. Don't even get me started on tying to coordinate with Caroline's outfit as well. Ah, choices choices!!

New Venture. Alright, most exciting news first. A few months ago, I shared about a new to me line called Limelight by Alcone. I loved the products so much that I decided to become a beauty guide! Can't wait to share more about my new venture next week! 

Nordstrom Sale. While I have tried my best not to give into the Nordstrom sale because we have very little wiggle room in our budget. I'm having all the heart eyes for this bell sleeve pullover which would be perfect post part wear. 

Favorite Target Mom Finds. File this under things I never thought I would blog about. I picked up this fresh pod from Target the other day for Caroline's diaper pail. Amazing. Caroline's bathroom does not smell at all even when the diaper pail is filled with dirty diapers. The fresh pod plus my favorite diaper pail hack have eliminated all bathroom odors. 
Maternity Photoshoot. 
I've been on the lookout for a simple dress to wear for my maternity photos in August. I've been recycling most of my older pregnancy clothes which were hand-me-downs and I'm already sick of the same 3 outfits. Especially in this 100 degree heat! I would love to hear your favorite store for maternity wear if you have one! 

Web Favorites.
 These simple hairstyles are wonderful for when my hair just wont cooperate. Paired with my favorite dry shampoo.
 My favorite salad ingredients, goat cheese and beets combined together in one amazing salad.
We bought an IKEA Play Kitchen a few weeks ago and dressed it up using this simple hack. I can't wait for Caroline to play with it come Christmas!

What are your plans for the weekend? We are hoping to stay cool inside and grill out tonight! 



  1. I'm glad that we're doing our newborn pics in October because I don't know how I'd handle August pics!


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