Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Scenes from Vacation

This past week we packed our tiny car to the brim and headed to the beach. I have been vacationing with my family at Topsail Beach since I was a kid. When I met Joe, he happily joined in our family tradition. This year we added another new recruit to our family trip which I hope to continue each year. 

Going on vacation is not quite like it used to be with a baby. Gone are the days of relaxing in the sun for hours with a drink and a good book. It's replaced with seeing the world through new eyes curious about all the activities going on around them. Vacationing with Caroline made me truly appreciate how lucky I was to grow up here. Topsail Island is such a beautiful and family friendly beach.  Caroline experienced a lot of first on this trip- boat rides, beach time, swimming in the sound and meeting new friends. 

Both Caroline and Chloe in their life jackets. 

Play time with Grandpa at the cottage. 

Caroline also celebrated her first 4th of July. It is always fun to be on the island on the 4th. You can see fireworks from all around. Little miss slept right through them so she missed most of the excitement.

We spent many mornings out on the boat or on the island. Then went back to the cottage for lunch and naps. Evenings were spent enjoying sunsets on the porch and playing board games after Caroline went to bed.  

One night we took the whole family to bingo hosted by the local historic society. I had very low expectations for this night because it was way past Caroline's bedtime. However, she did great! I wore her in a wrap and she slept for the majority of the night. We took a few breaks to walk around and eat when she became fussy. Then she would fall right back to sleep. No one in our group one anything but we still had a great time!

We wrapped up vacation on Saturday with a birthday dinner in Wilmington at one of my favorite restaurants Indochine followed by a movie. Celebrating my 29th birthday was a great way to wrap up the week. This restaurant has been a favorite since high school and never disappoints. It is not a hidden gem like it once was though. The word has got out about the amazing food and substantial portions. The restaurant was packed with locals and vacationers. It is strange to think that we are now just one of the tourists. The meal was amazing as was the company. I am thankful that my parents are always willing to watch Caroline for date night. We had a great time just the two us enjoying drinks and reminincing before heading back home. 

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  1. What a great vacation! Happy belated birthday to you :)

  2. caroline's 4th of july dress is too cute!

  3. What a great vacation! I love Topsail! Also, Caroline's outfits are precious!Jess at Just Jess

  4. Looks like you guys had a blast!! Amazing Vacation.. So pretty


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