Thursday, July 14, 2016

Caroline | Five Months

Happy 5 months to my sweet baby girl. My heart becomes so much more full with every month that passes. You are our world and it is crazy to think how much our lives have changed for the better over these five months. 

Here are a few little things about you from your fifth month:

Nicknames: Little Bit, Sweet Girl, Rollie Polie

Weight: 14 lbs

Height: Around 24 inches

Looks:  You eyes seem to be staying a bight shade of blue. They look just like your daddy's. Your hair has slowly stopped falling out leaving you with a few strands of light brown hair with a baby mullet full of dark hair in the back. 

Personality: Such a sweet and smiling girl. My favorite part of the day is getting you from your crib when you wake up. You greet me with the biggest grin that takes over your whole body. You love being around others and will reach out to new faces with a big smile. You are happiest playing with mom and dad. Laughs are saved for special occasions and you do not give them out easily. Still your giggle is the best ever. 

Eating: You eat 3.5 oz of breastmilk or formula every 3 hours during the day. We backed down from 4oz to help with spit up. At night, you wake up around 11, 1 and 4 for a bottle. 

Sleeping: I aim for three naps a day but that is just not happening lately. Sleeping at night has hit a regression as well. I was hoping to bypass the sleep regression as you already wake up 3 times a night on average. After going to sleep around 7:30, you take a bottle at 10, 1 and 4. Now you are up for the day at 7. There is quite a difference from night to night and we are still slowly working on dropping the 1am feeding. 

Wearing: Getting so much use of of 3 month clothes. You are in size two diapers. 

Favorite Things: Chewing on anything and everything you can. It seems you prefer clothing and burp cloths since they are always nearby. You love when your grandpa makes funny faces and giggle up a storm at his antics. You light up when a new face comes in a room. You smile even bigger if you recognize the face. 

Least Favorite Things: Naps are a huge struggle as you become more aware of the wold around you. You fight going to sleep as you would much rather play with mom during the day.

Big things happening within your fifth month:
 - You can transfer items from left to right hand.
 - You can reach and grab items you want.
 - You celebrated you first Independence Day.
 - Enjoyed your first vacation to Topsail Island.
 - You can sit up on your own for several seconds before sliding down.
 - You have such a variety in the sounds you make from coos, gurgling, shrieking, laughing even making a growling like noise. You have started saying sounds like mmmm. 
- You have started to notice Charlie and will reach out to his back or tail when he is nearby. You have grabbed an ear a few times which startled Charlie quite a bit. Thankfully, Charlie is very mellow around you and doesn't seem to mind. He is such a great watchdog and always the first to the rescue when you start to cry. 

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  1. The way they smile at you in the morning, it just doesn't get much sweeter!!! She is precious! Loving the monthly updates!

  2. So sweet! She is adorable! Good luck with the sleeping - it gets better!


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