Monday, January 12, 2015

January Goals

Hope everyone has a great start to their week. The skies have been filled with clouds and rain these past two days which has started to make me feel a bit stir crazy. Today I am sharing my goals for the month of January. I know I am a little late on my game this month but wanted to share in case anyone else had similar intentions. 

The start of a new year is a perfect time to start fresh and plan for the year ahead. This year instead of focusing on making overarching yearly goals I plan to set time limited focused goals.  Monthly goals help set a defined time limit to prevent procrastination. I also like the idea of monthly goals because as things change throughout the year my goals can transform. This encourages growth and development.  I’m a little late on setting goals for January since it is almost the middle of the month.  I have had a lot of these ideas floating around in my head since January 1st.

1. Reduce the amount of sweets I eat in a week. – The holiday indulgence did a number on my willpower(or lack thereof) and I crave sweets constantly. My goal for January is to listen to my hunger cues. Only indulging in sweets on special occasions.
2. Plan a group outing with friends. – I am an introvert at heart. I love cuddling up on the couch with my pup and a good book. The cold winter weather just adds to my lack of motivation. Once I am out and about hanging out with friends I have a blast. It is just getting up the motivation.
3. Read one good book. -  Beyond what I read for work, I rarely read during the week. This year I want to grow my personal development beyond psychology. So, this weekend I’m headed to the library to see what I can find.
4. Take Charlie on a long walk 3 days a week. – When it is warm, Charlie and I go on long walks almost daily. Now that it is cold walks are just not happening. We play fetch a lot more indoors to burn off some energy. But nothing beats a long walk and fresh air. Just going to bundle up and watch the weather.
5. Limit extra purchases. – No impulse buys at Target, no scooping up sales at Loft, no Lilly Pulitzer Annual sale... I am mainly focused on needless clothing, accessory and makeup purchases (especially Target!). I knew going into January that I wanted it to do a freeze on shopping. After the Holidays it is nice to take a pause from indulging and just enjoy what you have. Believe me my closet and makeup drawer is full. This little freeze is forcing me to shop my closet more.

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  1. These are great goals.. I think I can relate to a few of them myself!

  2. All of these are great goals and some relate to mine! I am definitely trying to limit excess purchases and am currently doing a sugar cleanse--I started Saturday and am not indulging in any sweets or alcohol until February 1st! My only exceptions will be for a few special occasions we have coming up!

  3. We have many of the same resolutions!! The amount of sugar I eat in a day is insane...and it needs to stop, otherwise my pants will be much more difficult to get on in the mornings. And the spending freeze in January...I need to do that one as well. The sales can be so overwhelming and sometimes I just need to enjoy what I received for Christmas!


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