Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

Whew! Once again I am glad It's Friday. Strangely this is the full week of school we have had since February thanks to the cold and icy winter we have experienced in NC. Earlier this week I mentioned that Tuesdays were typically my long days at work. Well, yesterday made me eat my words with meetings before and after school I attended a total of 13 meetings yesterday. April 1st is a huge deadline for our department  and will be glad when this rush is over! Here is a quick look at the 5 things that I have been loving lately.

{One} Lotus & Lemon Peel Candle. I picked up this candle on my weekly trip to Target. I love having candles around for decoration and to make sure my apartment smells fresh. Living in an apartment there is not much space between the bedroom and the kitchen and I hate smelling the meal I'm cooking while in the bedroom. So our apartment is filled with candles galore. This fragrance reminds me of Anthroplogie and I love how their stores smell!
{Two} How I Met Your Mother. Since the series finale is right around the corner I have been re-watching the season from the beginning on Netflix. I have never been the type to re-watch TV shows or even movies.. That is why we have an almost non existent DVD collection. HIMYM has been an exception. I am sad to see the series end but excited to see how they wrap it all up on Monday night! 

{Three} We sold our first home! We put our house on the market less than 6 months ago. We had several offers including one that fell through. Being sellers was not the best experience for us so I am thankful it is over. It is bittersweet to be leaving so many memories behind but we are thankful not to have a mortgage and extra bills hanging over our head. 

{Four} Work Appreciation. When we up and moved to Cary I took a job as a school psychologist in a new county that I knew little about. I had no idea what type of role I would be in or how the schools I would receive me. After a crazy week like this, I need a little reminder how great it is. I am so thankful to be working in a forward thinking county that values research and embrases Response to Intervention (RtI). Also, both schools have great PTA support that sponsored breakfasts and lunches this week. Also there was a free massage clinic on Wednesday! 

{Five} Coffee Friday! Fridays have officially become Starbucks Coffee day. I am  a bit too excited about my skinny vanilla latte on my way to work this morning. What's your go to coffee drink?



  1. I love HIMYM, but I'm a little behind on this last season. I'm not crazy about how the entire thing takes place in one location, but that's just me. I definitely need to get all caught up though. I have a feeling the series finale is going to be awesome.

  2. Ahh, I know I am going to try cry Monday night!

  3. I'm going to pickup that candle. I love any thing with lemon. It's always smells so fresh to me.

  4. Congrats on selling your home!! I stopped at Starbucks this morning too :) My go-to is a cafe misto with vanilla syrup; just wrote a post about that this week!

  5. I saw those candles at Target & had to keep myself from buying every single one!


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