Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Workout Wenesday: Runner's Wishlist

It’s that time of year when blogger gift guides pop up all day every day! I thought a nice spin on workout Wednesday would be to share my favorite fitness finds this year. 
Running Christmas List

Yurbuds-  I have never had good luck with earphones…until I bought these.  I have the worst luck with buying earbuds that will stay in my ears. I typically resort to the headband type ear-buds which were the only ones that stayed in my ears for more than 3 minutes. After my last pair bit the dust I headed to Target and saw that these babies got rave reviews. The clips make them stay perfectly in my ear.

Garmin Forerunner 220- I got my first Garmin 4 years ago when I started training for my first half marathon. The watch is the perfect jump for individuals looking to start monitoring their pace and improve their time. My watch has seen a lot of love and it is time to finally find a replacement. This model is the same style number but has tons of upgrades. I love that is vibrates to alert you of notifications since I never heard the beeping on my watch due to me blasting my music. 

Handheld Water bottle - I am awful at staying hydrated during long runs. I never want to stop back by the car to refuel and never seem to pass any water fountains.  To help combat my intentional oversight I have started carrying a handheld water bottle with me. Now I have no excuse not to stay well hydrated. 

Base Runner 1/2 Zip - Battling the wind and cold on my long runs is starting to leave me wind-burnt and chapped on Saturdays. I love this pullover because it is super comfortable and could also be worn running to the store.

Lululemon Speed Tight - Can you tell I have a love for all things Luluemon? These pants are great for log runs. They are sweat wicking and never show sweat stains which is amazing after 10 miles. They also have tons of pockets which is great for storing keys, gu gels, phone and chap stick with room to spare. 

Monday: Interval Cardio & Core
Tuesday: 3 miles & Total Body Strengthening & Stretch
Wednesday: 4 miles & Lower Body Strength
Thursday: Interval Cardio & Upper body Strength
Friday: Spin Class
Saturday: 9 Mile Run
Sunday: Hot Yoga 



  1. Great running Christmas list! A couple of those (or similar) made it onto my list this year

  2. My first Garmin is on my list this year! Really hoping I get it!!

  3. I want that Garmin too! Now, I carry my phone on my runs, but for some reason, I've been beating around the bush getting one. I love the color screen on those!


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