Friday, September 27, 2013

Five On Friday

   I feel like I barely made it through this week. Not quite sure why... but I felt like I was always two steps behind. I have been spending nights working trying to catch up with no luck! So I am excited to see Friday and hope the weekend gives me time to get everything in order! 

Five on Friday today is a mash-up of  this n that and what's been on my mind this week! 

One. Lots of changes are happening for Joe and I currently. It is all really exciting and also really nerve racking at the same time. I'm a planner and have always thought five steps ahead before taking one. So the uncertainty is something that has been hard for me to deal with. I am trusting in God that his timing will work everything out over the next few months. 

Two. Fitbit One. I purchased this hi-tech pedometer last week. It tracks your steps, stairs climbed, calories burned and minutes active. It can even track your sleep patterns. It has really made me aware that I don't walk as much as I thought at work. My goal is to get in 10,000 steps a day which is the recommended amount.  I typically only walk 6,000 in a day at the office. So, Charlie and I have been taking lots of walks after work and I have been trying to run more often too! 

Three. While browsing Target I stumbled upon these beauties! They are extremely similar to a Ralph Lauren pair I have been eyeing for only $40. It may be awhile before I can wear them here on the coast but I could not risk them selling out! You can find them online here

Four. Essie After School Boy Blazer. This was another Target find. This color is dark enough to go with anything without clashing. In the light, the navy color really shines through.  

Five. Fall flowers. I am loving all of the mums popping up everywhere! It seems that mums are the one plant I cant kill (fingers crossed). They add so much color and come in so many different shades. It will be awhile before the leaves change so I am enjoying these first peaks of autumn.

What's on your mind this Friday?



  1. I've always been curious about getting a fit bit. It would be fun to see how much walking I do during a work day. Also, I'm LOVING that nail polish. Excited to wear some fall colors! Happy Friday!

  2. OH my goodness, those boots!? I have been looking for a new pair! I will have to go to Target today! Thanks! Happy Friday!


  3. Love that Essie color! Perfect for Fall! Those are some cute boots! It's always nice to find a cheaper alternative! Have a good weekend!

  4. Love mums! I recently bought two and hopefully, my brown thumb won't kill them either! Good luck getting caught up this weekend!

  5. hey girlie!!! found your blog on the linkup! i'm a coastal nc-er too :) aaaand i might've just bought mums for our little house this week too!! ;) loving seeing another jesus loving carolina girl around!! xx

  6. I love your five on Friday this week :)
    So relatable! I'm a big planner too so not knowing drives me crazy!

    I love those boots and nail polish color. You gotta love Target!

  7. I really wanna get a pedometer to see how much I walk at work!

  8. Oooh those boots are pretty! I might have to add them to my summer wardrobe! :) And I love that nail polish too, how perfect for the fall!


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