Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Caroline | Three Months

Here are a few little things about you from your third month:

Nicknames: Little Bit, Sweet Girl 

Weight: Around 12lbs. We will not know for sure until your 4 month appointment!  

Height: Checking next month at your 4 month appt. 

Looks: I cant place what feature it is but I see a bit of myself every morning in your smiling face. Your bright blue eyes stare intently at everything around you. 

Personality: You love to smile and laugh. During the night feedings, you give us he biggest smiles and coos while trying to fight getting put back to sleep. Blowing spit bubbles has become a new skill you love to practice. 

Eating: You eat 3- 3.5 oz of breastmilk every 3 hours  during the day. At night, you are back to waking up three times for a bottle before settling back down. 

Sleeping: You have hit a bit of sleep regression. You are now waking up hungry three times a night about every three hours. Hoping you start stretching your sleep again soon. 

Wearing: Solidly wearing 0-3 month clothes. You are in size two diapers. 

Favorite Things: Your have continued your love for being on the go- car rides, long walks, shopping trips. Being outside instantly calms you down. You have learned how to chew your fingers/hands and enjoy grabbing your blanket and pulling it toward your mouth. 

Least Favorite Things: Still fighting napping independently. You have learned to break free of the swaddle

Within your third month:
We celebrated our first Mothers Day together! 
                You officially sleep in your bassinet at night. 
                You started attending baby story time at the new library nearby. 

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  1. So sweet! Love those chubby little legs!

  2. I totally understand why you call her Sweet Girl as she is SO so sweet! <3

    It sounds like she's such a happy baby! xo


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