Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pregnancy | Week 34

While I was writing this I realized how much my definition of normal or typical has changed. My typical day has changed tremendously from a year ago. I am sure it will start to change even more once little one is here. What I am finding with pregnancy is that slowly you become immune to certain things and over time you get used to a new state of normal. I am thankful to have this little space to document all these changes.

Size of Baby: Baby is 18 inches long and the size of a savoy cabbage or a basketball hoop. We will go with the basketball  hoop. Little one is sure growing! She weighs around 5 lbs.  

Gender: Adorable baby girl.

Weight Gain:  Holding this week at 25 pounds.

Maternity Clothes: I have expanded my maternity wardrobe to include Joe's fleece as it is the only think that ribs around my growing belly. My maternity clothes are still fitting me well. I am just getting tired of the same 5-6 sweaters and pants. Trying to hold strong and not buy any more clothes until after baby is here.

Nursery: We finished the bookcase and now need to hang everything on the wall. Hoping to share the finished product next week!

Movement: Little one still hangs out on my left side most days. She moves and kicks all the time. I have figured how to "nudge" her back when she starts hanging out a little too far into my ribs.

Symptoms: Swelling has started to become a bigger issue. Thankfully, after I rest for an hour or two it usually goes away. Exhaustion sets in a lot quicker and I am quickly out of breath after simple activities like climbing the stairs.  I am still battling sinus congestion which my doctor said just may linger until baby comes. Oh joy. I have really felt good up until this past week and I am so thankful for that!

Sleep: I still have some off nights but sleep pretty good overall. I wake up 3-4 times during the night to use the restroom.

Cravings: Oh man, I have failed to mention my growing love of Butterfingers these past few weeks. I am loving all form of desserts with Butterfingers mixed in weather it is ice cream or just a fun size bar.

What I Miss: Feeling like myself. I have some days or even moments that are better than others in which I have more energy and pep. However, overall I feel like I am dragging through out the day.

Exercise: Made it to 3 Pure Barre classes this week and enjoyed one last warmer walk with Charlie.

Best Moments: We toured our hospital this weekend. My physician practice is located on the same campus as the hospital which is a dedicated women and family center. That means one of my physicians is always available. I felt very at ease after the tour as the facilities at the hospital resemble a nice hotel more than a medical setting.

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  1. You're getting closer and closer! I had sinus congestion from the very early weeks up until the day I gave birth, and by the time she was here, it was completely gone. So strange what pregnancy can do! Enjoy your last few weeks because strangely enough, you'll miss that basketball belly and getting up to go to the bathroom 3 times a night! You miss what used to be "normal" like you said. :)

  2. Oooo getting so close!! Ditto what Lauren said above, enjoy these last few weeks- pregnancy is a crazy and awesome experience and baby girl will be here before you know it! So glad you're feeling well, and you look beautiful!


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