Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Five

Let's get this party started with a few things I have been loving this week. Hope you enjoy and would love to hear about a few of your favorite things.

{One} Currently Craving. Pineapple Lemonade. I have always loved Chick-fil-a's diet lemonade. Pregnancy has taken this drink obsession to a different level. While enjoying my large diet lemonade this week (with breakfast), I thought about how amazing it would taste with pineapple juice mixed in. Apparently, I am not the only one to have this thought. I found this super simple recipe that I can't wait to replicate with my juicer this weekend.

{Two} Spring Fashion. I am not doing much (read:any) clothes shopping these days. However, I have enjoyed day dreaming while browsing new arrivals online. I know my wardrobe after baby is going to consist mainly of leggings and over sized shirts. I hope to add at least one new dress into the mix. Anthropologie is  my go to for dreamy dresses. This one looks perfect for concealing all my post-baby lumps and bumps. 

{Three} Meal Prep. I am very excited to have a few healthy and wholesome meals packed away in the freezer for when baby arrives. We have a lot of delicious grab and go snacks from Costco and Sams which is great in a pinch but I know is not healthy at all! You can check out all the freezer meals I prepared this week on the blog!

{Four} Amazon Prime Obsession. Amazon has been our go-to for online shopping for the past three years. We decided to keep Amazon Prime even with the huge price jump because of their great discount on diapers and baby registry items paired with two day free shipping. The unsung hero of their service is theTV shows. We just finished The Man in the High Castle over the weekend and both loved it. The show is loosely based on the novel of the same name which portrays a dystopian world in which the Axis powers won World War II. The US is divided up in between Germany and Japan. It is a bit chilling to see memorable landmarks including the US flag changed to include the Nazi logo. A bit of warning though: Some scenes are a bit rough as many of the same practices from WWII have continued including continuation of the Holocaust and Japanese ritual of seppuku. 

{Five} Happy Friday!! I have planned a great date night for Saturday incorporating the Triangle's restaurant week. I am loving and embracing all the quality time the two of us can get together. 

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  1. We watched one episode of The Man in the High Castle, but then got distracted by other shows. I've heard really good things tho, so hopefully we get back into it!
    Pineapple lemonade sounds amazing!!

  2. i miss having chickfila's lemonade all the time!!! there aren't as many locations up here and i used to live like 1/4 mile from one in charleston. SO GOOD!

  3. I loved their lemonade during pregnancy, which is odd, because I am not a big lemon girl! I started that show, and had to stop, as I am super sensitive these days. Matt finished it and really liked it. I am starting Mercy Street this week.

  4. I watched that show on Amazon Prime and really liked it!

    Mm, I'd love pineapple lemonade.


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