Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pregnancy | Baby Morris Q & A

Thanks so much for all your kind words, well wishes and congratulations regarding our announcement. Joe and I are over the moon excited about this sweet little baby.

Here are some questions and answers that I've been asked most frequently since revealing the news! I hope to catch y'all up on what has been going on behind the scenes for the past few months!

How far along are you?
13 weeks. Just entering the second trimester.

When are you due? 
March 1, 2016. Next year is a leap year so, there may be a chance that babe will have February 29th birthday!

How did you find out?
I took a pregnancy test the morning of our three year wedding anniversary. I saw a very faint line on the cheapo tests I bought online. I truly thought my eyes were just seeing things and refused to believe it was true. So I waited until later that afternoon and tested again with a blue dye test. It was still there- a very faint line!
That night at dinner, I gave Joe his anniversary gift which was a 6 pack of his favorite beer and a World's Best Dad pint glass. It took him a second to catch on as he first thought it was in reference to Charlie (our firstborn pup). Once the news finally set in I could tell he was a mix of shocked and thrilled!

How are you feeling?
I truly feel for mothers that experience morning sickness especially since I have felt pretty good these past three months. Not 100% myself but not getting sick either. Food aversions are no joke though. My diet has mainly consisted of fruit, bread and some veggies.

Will you find out the sex? 
Goodness yes! I feel like finding out the gender is one of the only things in my control during pregnancy. I want to be prepared as possible for this little guy or girl.

Let me know of any questions that I may have missed. Next week I'll share a recap of the first trimester. Then I'll try to keep baby updates to once a week. No promises though as I am completely thrilled about this little one!!

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  1. A Leap Year baby would be fun! I love that y'all found out you were expecting on your anniversary - what a special way to be able to celebrate both occasions :)

  2. This is so great! I can't wait to hear more and more!

  3. I love that you found out on your anniversary - such a special memory!

  4. Awww are you going to have a gender reveal party?? So much fun! Congrats!

  5. How special that you found out on your anniversary! Congratulations!

  6. So happy for you! What an exciting time!

  7. I love the way you told him!!!! Genius! Amazing!!! xx

  8. playing catch up and reading backwards! Congrats- so exciting!!


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