Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fitness: October 13- 19

Since moving is right around the corner, meal panning has been substituted for clean out the freezer dinners. What is consistent is my gym time. Getting in exercise is a form of therapy to me. I can block out all the stress of moving and the unknown for an hour and focus on myself.

My focus when it comes to fitness and workouts

-Clean eats. It’s easy to justify an extra dessert here and there when your working out for an hour daily. But it triggers me for horrible sugar cravings later. I try to choose been working on choosing high-energy snacks without refined sugar like apples with almond butter.

-Be smart. I have had several aches and pains that have been bothering me lately. I know it’s not worth injuring myself and risking the fact that I could be out for activities if I push myself. I am going to take it day by day.

-A killer playlist. I love listening to Pandora for power songs and stations to help pump up my cardio sessions.

-Stretch and practice yoga. These are two things are I am constantly slacking on finding the time to complete. They really help keep my muscles strong, my flexibility intact, and my joints from hurting.

-Be prepared. I always have a gym bag packed and ready. That way I never have an excuse not to make it to the gym after work.

-Have fun!  I try to remember the reason I work out. It is to help with my both my mental and physical health. There is no reason to beat yourself up over it. Remember any workout is better than no workout.
Sunday: Spin 
Monday: Weights & High Intensity Cardio
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: Spin
Thursday: Weights & High Intensity Cardio
Friday: Spin
Saturday: Weights


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  1. I love this! I needed this motivation cause I have fallen off of the clean eating bandwagon and I feel SO much better when I eat whole, natural foods!


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