Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Well, Hello!

I have great intentions about this little space but when it comes to the end of the day a post just is not happening. There several posts floating around my head that I want to share but just can’t seem to get it written down. I want to provide some insight on surviving those sleepless newborn nights. (There were plenty and lasted way past the newborn stage.) How I’ve changed post baby and what was most surprising post-partum (You will never guess!).   

The least I can do is provide a little update on our lives. Christmas with Caroline was so sweet. She is so social and loved seeing family. Honestly though, her favorite part of the whole thing was the wrapping paper. Girl loved to rattle and tear it up.  Joe and I attended the most gorgeous wedding over NYE weekend for one of childhood besties. We had the best time partying into 2017 with friends.  We had out first big winter storm which shut down Raleigh for quite a few days. I hate driving in snow/ice so we did not leave the house for at least 4 days. Our sweet girl is almost one year old and I’m in complete disbelief. Her party is going to be a little Valentine’s Day themed event at our house. I’m still working part time while my parent’s watch Caroline. It is the best being able to leave her with grandparents but there are still many days which I drag my feet dropping her off. Joe and I along with my parents are flying to Georgia this weekend to celebrate my Grandmother’s 100th birthday. I’m quite nervous about Caroline’s first plane ride but at least it is only an hour.  Here are a few photos over the past month...

No promises, but I hope to be back soon sharing more on these few post ideas swimming around in  my head.

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  1. Loved reading your update, and all of your pictures are great! Really loving the dress you wore to the NYE wedding!

  2. The cutest little Caroline - and you look beautiful in that gold dress! x


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