Thursday, December 10, 2015

Simple Christmas Wishlist

This Christmas things have switched tremendously from baking, decorating and buying tons of gifts for friends and family to preparing for little one's arrival. Baking has been pretty non existent thanks to pregnancy hormones. I am hoping after February I will have the desire to get back in the kitchen. Moving from an apartment back into a house, there is a lot of space to fill with potential Christmas decorations. Thanks to my wonderful parents, we have a new to us tree and outdoor garland decor. With that out of the way, it's time to focus on gifts. Thanks to Amazon prime, I was able to knock out family gifts quick and painlessly. We agreed that for each other we would stick to a budget based on a short Wishlist. I would be thrilled with any item on this list!

I have broken my list into four main themes which would be perfect for any gal this holiday. You can never go wrong with cute winter clothes, beauty basics, jewelry and especially shoes!

Simple Christmas Wishlist

Simple Christmas Wishlist by sweetcarolinabelle

1: Winter Wear. I love this fur topped knit beanie. I have very little (none) old weather headwear. Since beanies are back in style, this would be perfect on cold winter walks. This Lululemon Poncho would be perfect for lounging around the house with baby and keeping me warm on the way to barre. 

2: Beauty. Chapped lips are a serious problem for me in the winter. I love the idea of having a chapstick that also adds a bit of color to your face. I feel like having a bit of lip color helps brighten even the most tired under eyes. I love Chloe's signature fragrance. I just ran out so the holidays are the perfect time to restock.

3:Jewelry. Simple statement pieces are my favorite accessory. Both of the House of Harlow necklace and Kate Spade earrings are classic pieces I could see myself wearing for years to come.

4: Shoes. Many, many years ago, Joe got me my first pair of Revas for Christmas. I love how comfy they are still after years of wear. I also feel like they are the perfect flat to tie together any outfit.

What is on your Christmas list this year?

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  1. Simple, but all wonderful!

  2. i love your list. all such pretty things! that necklace is gorgeous and i have a beanie just like that one. :)


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