Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pregnancy | Week 20

Size of Baby: The size of a pomegranate. She weighs 8.5 oz. 

Gender: Sweet, sweet baby girl! 

Weight Gain: Up 10 pounds. 

Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants are amazing! I can still wear my regular pants using a rubber band to expand the waist but I find it digs into my belly by the end of the day. Maternity pants are 100% more comfortable. 


Movement: All the time! Especially when I am falling asleep. If I lay still, I have started to feel her kick from the outside. Joe still has not caught her in action yet though. 

Symptoms: I am much more clumsy. I slipped down the stairs in our garage last week which left an awful bruise. Thankfully, no harm to little girl though.  I also drop thinks much more easily. We went out on a date night Friday and grabbed some cookie cake afterwards (my current craving). Unfortunately, I ended up dropping it on the way to the car. 

Sleep: I am struggling in this department. Going to bed early helps with the intermittent sleep. 

Cravings: Still loving dessert every night after dinner. I really wanted some cookie cake recently but thanks to my clumsiness I has to settle on a bite of Joe's. 

What I Miss: Pepperoni, Salami & prosciutto

Exercise: I really struggled with my workouts this past week. I got in 3 Pure Barre workouts. 

Best Moments: Loving every little kick and poke from baby girl at nights. 

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  1. I am so glad you are feeling well and enjoying every minute! You look fabulous! Xo, Stephanie

  2. Half way there mama! You're looking so beautiful! I think our sweet little girls share a little of their beauty during a girl pregnancy. :) And I think you just made me start to crave cookie cake! Yum!

  3. You're looking great girl! I've succumbed to the maternity pants recently too and does feel so much better by the end of the day, right?!


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