Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Five

Another Friday has come and y'all aready know what that means. Here are a few things I am loving this week...

1. Intuitive Eating. I shared earlier this week about changing my mentality toward food and shedding the diet mentality. While I do want to lose weight, I care about fixing my relationship with food more. Well, apparently by body knows what it wants as I have already lost 2 lbs this week! I have been enjoying all the food I crave just watching the serving size.

2. Currently Craving. Insalata Caprese. I picked up fresh mozzarella this week and have been making quick salads to go with dinner. Sometimes I will serve it on a bed of lettuce for a bit more vegetables. I love how simple the recipe is with just two main ingredients and how it dresses up any meal. 

3. Pineapple Love. Since my first trip to Charleston years ago I have been obsessed with pineapples. Pineapples are a sign of hospitality and welcome which are used everywhere in Charleston. I am thrilled that pineapples are currently trendy so I can find them everywhere! How cute are these earrings?

4. Gel Nails at Home. Yesterday at Target, Essie's new gel topcoat just happened to jump into my cart. Does that happen to anyone else? Honestly, Target is where paychecks go to die. Anyways, I ended up putting a coat on last night and was very surprised with how professional it looked! I will report back last week with how long it lasts.


5. Happy Friday! Today marks less than two weeks left of school + payday! = Dance Party.

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  1. Caprese is my favorite flavor combination---I could eat it everyday!
    The Lady Lawyer

  2. So many thoughts! 1) I am so proud of you for trying to look at food differently! You know how many conversations we've had about this ;-). 2) That insalata salad looks great! I might have to try that! I made balsamic grilled chicken with tomato and mozzarella last night and now I have lots of tomatoes and cheese left over. That insalata will be great to use up those leftovers! 3) I am making a Target run today and I will have to pick up that Essie gel polish! I had really been tempted to try the Sally Hansen one, but I'm glad I waited now because I LOVE Essie!

  3. caprese salad is seriously my favorite summer salad - I just love it!! Payday is the best and I need to try that essie gel setter - sounds amazing! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Funny you just talked about intuiting eating - just wrote a post on that yesterday! Good for you <3 It's way way way better and more sustainable than any diet!

  5. those pineapple earrings are freaking ADORABLE!!

  6. I love all the pineapple stuff out right now! Those earrings are perfect!

  7. Love those pineapple earrings! Target always has the best finds :) Have a good weekend!

  8. I love the pineapple trend, too!! I love all the prints, clothes, jewelry. all sooo cute! caprese is so good!! and so easy :) congrats on losing 2lb!! so awesome! I have been trying the same thing- not worrying about a diet but just eating less at a time
    xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

  9. love those earrings!! i reallllly like vinylux top coat (and their polish). it really does last! i get it at ulta for $10.

  10. Good progress with the diet! I think it really helps to not ban anything completely.

  11. Those earrings are super cute!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  12. Portion size and listening to your body is definitely everything! Can't wait to hear how that at home gel works!

    PS- LOVE your outfit in the first pic!

  13. Yay for losing 2 lbs! I too love pineapples, not just because they're beachy, but because of the meaning behind them. And I didn't even realize Essie had one of the gel topcoats out yet, but it looks like a trip to Target is in order!!!

    1. Oh, and Target is FOR SURE where paychecks go to die.

  14. I could eat a Caprese Salad every day, especially when you can enjoy it with fresh tomatoes! Xo, Stephanie


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