Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend in Food

We started the weekend off on an southern note by enjoying BBQ on the patio at QUE in Durham. The QUE is a new restaurant opened by Legendary Pitmaster, Ed Mitchell. Ed Mitchell previously owned The Pit in Raleigh. Not being the biggest barbecue fan I'm always worried if I will find things I like on the menu. Luckily, there was a variety of southern style food on the menu in addition to BBQ. We split the pork rind crusted brie which was topped with maple syrup. Surprisingly, you could not taste the pork rinds at all and it added a crunchy texture to the cheese. It was not jaw dropping but I am happy I tried it.

I ordered the Rachel which was a turkey BBQ sandwich topped with cabbage and thousand island dressing. This was completely out of my comfort zone and completely delicious! The pickled cabbage added a kick to the sandwich that really balanced the sandwich. Also, (unpictured) I enjoyed a delicious moonshine cocktail.

Joe enjoyed the BBQ plate and raved about the moisture of the meat so much so that no sauce was needed!

Saturday we spent the day at the Topsail beach with my family. The weather was cool and partially sunny which made for a perfect beach day in my books. After a long day at the beach we headed back to the house to enjoy homemade ice cream. This ice cream is one of my childhood favorites and I happily indulged in every bite. It is such a simple recipe you can never tell the base is store bought ice cream! Check out the recipe here

Yum. Just looking back on these pictures I feel like I have gained 5lbs. That's what the weekends are for right? Don't worry I'm back on the bandwagon today.  What is your favorite indulgence when it comes to food? 



  1. The turkey sandwich is right up my ally! It all looks good!

  2. mmm the dessert looks really good!!!!


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